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Anything but average

Your multidisciplinary team of med-tech experts

Averaging more than 20 years in the medical device world, our team’s experience ranges from Principal Engineer to VP of Clinical and Engineering. We’re educated in engineering, nursing, biology, business, public health, epidemiology, veterinary medicine, manufacturing and medicine, from Bachelors to PhD and MD. Medavise is a unique collection of talent that can deliver the unique solution you need, from strategy development to planning and execution. We’re anything but average.
Medavise is led by Britt Norton, who has spent 39 years in the medical device arena as an engineer, inventor, executive and entrepreneur. His goal is to provide clients with solutions that have an immediate impact and enable long-term success.
Combined, the team has a background in a broad range of treatment areas, including:

Orthopedics: spine, extremities
Cardiology: electrophysiology, interventional catheters, valves, stents, CABG, guidewires, sensors
Urology: implants and interventional
Gastroenterology / endoscopy

Infusion therapy: catheters, ports
Pain management
Diagnostics: IVD, imaging

How we operate

Medavise is dedicated to using best practices in all of its work. We operate under written Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions. All client and project data is stored on HIPAA-compliant secured servers with real time backups and end-to-end encryption.

Your project deserves the Medavise treatment.

Interested in an initial no-cost consultation? We’re so committed to quality that we ensure each new project is a perfect fit for our team before we take it on.